Peterbauer's classic CULINARY


From a culinary point of view, the Peterbauer Almstub´n is no longer an insider tip. In addition to our regular guests, many locals also appreciate the freshly prepared delicacies. When it comes to food, we rely on regional quality, in-house production and real cooking craftsmanship without convenience products and you can surely taste it.

Our specialties from our own organic farm are juicy T-bone steaks, rib eye steaks and fillet steaks from highland beef as well as apple cider, apple juice and milk from our own production. All pastries are prepared fresh every day at Peterbaueralm!

A special highlight for families or groups are ribs, which we serve for 4 people or more in traditional wrought iron pans. Other classics include Jägerspatzen, farmer’s steaks, Emperor’s mess, homemade giant bratwurst sausages, and much more.

The culinary highlights are rounded off with home-made spirits, from “Lärcherlschnaps” to “Weixel”, Franz and Verena have numerous original brands that will warm your heart.

Käsekreiner sausage
Peterbauer mega-Burger
Wiener schnitzel
Kaiserschmarn (Emperor's Mess)