Freeriding on the Grosseck-Speiereck

The Grosseck-Speiereck leisure mountains offer a wide range of opportunities for off-piste skiing away from the secured slopes. Choose your own descent in open terrain, in deep snow or on various off-piste runs.

Be sure to follow the information provided by the Salzburg Avalanche Warning Service, check your freeride equipment and check the function of your avalanche transceiver before skiing in open and unsecured terrain.

Safety First:

  • Never travel alone and without an avalanche transceiver in unsecured terrain!
  • The current avalanche warning levels and dangers for your chosen freeride area can be found on the website of the Salzburg Avalanche Warning Center!
  • When freeriding, you ski unprepared terrain at your own risk. The downhill runs you choose away from secured ski slopes are considered free and unsecured terrain!

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